Real Estate

Real Estate

We have substantial experience in the purchase, sale, leasing and finance of commercial, industrial and multi-family real estate. We recognize that real estate transactions are detail oriented, and work closely with our clients to ensure that, in the acquisition context,restrictions of record, survey, and executory leases are appropriately addressed in the purchase agreement. We also look at other due diligence items, like zoning and environmental and structural inspections  Whether on the sell-side or the buy-side, we also work closely with our clients to ensure that representations, warranties and any escrow or indemnity provisions are appropriate for the transaction and consistent with our client’s goals and understandings.

When representing purchasers, we also coordinate with the title company to ensure that, when issued, the title policy contains appropriate supplemental endorsements. We also work closely with our clients in the review of any proposed architectural, engineering and construction contracts related to the project. Whether dealing with a purchase agreement, a lease, easement, option, co-development agreement, construction contract or other real estate matter, our goal is to ensure that the documentation matches our client's needs and objectives with clarity and precision.

We also have the litigation background to represent our clients in the adjudication of various real estate related matters, including boundary line disputes, quiet title actions, covenant restrictions, mechanic's lien claims, condemnation, and surety bond controversies. Regardless of the issue, our approach to the handling of contested matters is designed to provide our clients with the benefit of our real estate experience, rate structure and commitment to long-term relationships untied to short-term billable hour maximization.