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Addressing abusive conduct, bullying in the workplace

As we have discussed in several prior Employment Law Alerts, and as everyone is well aware, the #MeToo movement has not only increased the visibility of harassment concerns in the workplace, but also has placed additional requirements on employers to ensure that they are taking appropriate steps to prevent and address inappropriate behavior when it happens.

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Washington Supreme Court: Oobesity always considered an impairment for purposes of disability discrimination claims

In Taylor v. Burlington Northern Railroad Holdings, Inc. (July 11, 2019), the Supreme Court of Washington asked the question whether obesity is considered an impairment protected from discrimination under the Washington Law Against Discrimination (WLAD), the state law prohibiting workplace discrimination in the State of Washington.

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Suprise! Ill-advised comments can come back to haunt you

In prior Employment Law Alerts, we have discussed the new landscape created by the #MeToo movement, and the ways in which silly, immature comments – even jokes – can be used by a potential plaintiff to create the impression of a workplace filled with unlawful harassment.

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